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What’s the best strategy for getting a first credit card and establishing good credit from scratch?

by Larry Chiang on January 5, 2017

Larry Chiang (@LarryChiang)
QUESTION: What’s the best strategy for getting a first credit card/establishing good credit from scratch? 

Answer: Your first credit application needs to be at a place where you are ~100% certain you will be approved. Getting rejected = credit death. 

I recommend a checklist of items to execute along with emailing me to make sure they’re properly done
– Have you requested a copy of your credit report from #poBox105281?
– Do you have #31envelopes prepared?
– Are You near a Bank of America?
Why #poBox105281!?
Larry Chiang answer: make sure to do a consumer credit inquiry PRIOR TO a hard credit inquiry. All 3 credit bureaus can be accessed through #poBox105281

Why #31envelopes!?
USPS mail is most efficient for credit score establishment. Remember, I taught a class at an engineering school so I know about snapchat, houseparty, tinder and texting. The effen post office is how to make sure you don’t get a credit rejection. #31envelopes seems like overkill but think of it like Stanford engineering thinks about CS 183 protocol, “real world insurance”

Why Bank of America!?!
Because I laid out three real world addresses for Bank of America and they are super lenient when I text message their credit risk officers


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