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What’s Your Side Hustle?

by Larry Chiang on July 28, 2016

littleHR (@littleHR4u)
How do you bootstrap a startup while working a full-time job? It takes perseverance, some confidence, and a dash of hope.

By Larry Chiang

Bootstrapping a startup while working a full-time job is called a side hustle. Let us examine engineers who side hustle. 

Larry Chiang (@LarryChiang)
Yesssss. CS 183e. Lec 20. Talk to customers as a CS major. #ROTJ#cs183e…

I call doing extra work the 3rd silo. The third silo is slang for talking to customers. Because it’s extra work that qualifies as a form of distribution. It’s extra credit work and sometime crappy team members do not like it. Silo one is CYA (cover your butt). Silo two’s vertical of work is to “try to do a good job despite management’s effort. 

Larry Chiang (@LarryChiang)
Think of #cs183vc as CS majors that made ~ $600k in #ENGR145. Then #ROTJ‘d. {Retire on The Job!!= Lec 20
The ideal setting for doing a side hustle is when you’re  #ROTJ‘d. {Retire on The Job!!} =

Doing a nighttime gig is also known as a side hustle is also known as moonlighting

John Exley (@JohnExley)
Eating peanuts, drinking Orange Juice, listening to Lil Wayne &Tweeting. Returning to moonlighting! Where u at @LarryChiang? Let’s talk soon

You want to work super hard so that you can #ROTJ

Timing. CS 183vc because timing matters in how you ROTJ. 
Chasm. Cross from the Right. 
WTDTYASBS was based on WTDTYAHBS by Mark McCormack  
WTDTYASBS and #wtDtyaYcTuesDinners

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