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Yoni Dayan, TA de la Engineering 145 Missed a Legendary Lecture, Cross the Chasm FROM THE RIGHT

by Larry Chiang on December 7, 2016

‪By Larry Chiang
waffles. Waffles help you get traction for your innovation. 
Waffles help you cross the innovation chasm. 
Palo Alto used to have #StartupWaffles,‬ #cs183c. ‬
Okay, let me backtrack. 
Yoni Dayan (@yonidayan_)
Improving #learning? Nah! @Classe_Inversee @itslearning_Fr real mission: spread waffle in the world! #EducatecTice
Yoni Dayan (@yonidayan_is a TA – #StanfordTE144. Same class as #ENGR145 but different hashtag. 
‪When you say waffle, I think of my San Luis Obismo mentee,‬
‪Who became a vc.‬
‪Doing #StartupWaffles,‬
‪He took #cs183c. ‬

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