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Zero Pages Read, And it Shows

by Larry Chiang on November 15, 2021

0 pages of Mark McCormack read…
You got the answers to the final exam!!! And then proceeded to bazooka three wagon wheels off. And no treasure map updates. 
And your usage of hashtags is like a webCamGirl on insta 
Hashtags are for playbook plays. 
Hashtags are for the mentee mentor mind meld. Not a schism. Not a fork
Larry Chiang
Time travel. I do it. I did it

Like eavesdropping on a 2-way conversation by and between two authors #ch9
#chap9. entrepreneurship Play play

#chap9 Losing the Ability Play

Mark McCormack can’t speak to Greg and Jonathan because he passed away 2020 or 2040

10/11/21, 9:57 AM

WordPress’d from my personal iPhone, 650-283-8008, number that Steve Jobs texted me on

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