News: For the Edward Norton ticket give-away for NY and Dallas... scroll to the bottom


11-17-09 News: we secured a downtown Austin location :-)

Text the party secretary @6502838008


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Asse9 met at Web 2.0 Expo at 7:00pm TUES

and 8:15pm TUES



Text message the party secretary Lorenzo (aka Larry Chiang) at 650-283-8008 - He hosts after parties

This is a sequel to Web 2.0 Summit after party here and here

** These pages are not meant for public view **
Sponsors, special guests, invitees and co-host eyes ONLY

SXSW Film After Party

Where: Downtown Austin address text messaged 9pm night-of-party
Co-hosts: TBD and Larry Chiang*
* Larry Chiang is doubling as the party secretary :-)
When: late night, March 13, 2010

How to properly RSVP: Text message, 650-283-8008, to RSVP. Include your full name, title AND org, email address, SXSW.

FOR example, text message, "John Smith / Producer / SXSWfilm RSVP yes for 13th". One RSVP per text message. I did the Sundance film party too.

What: Another Legendary AfterParty.

There will be three entry methods.

(1) -No Wait- People who have a text message confirmation from 650-283-8008. The message will have their FULL name from 650-283-8008. One entry per text message.

-No Wait- People who have a text message confirmation or an after party sticker on their SXSW badge. Get a sticker from the party secretary, Larry Chiang or one of the hosts or co-hosts.

(2) -Line- Queue is for people not on the list or the waitlist. This will be the most difficult way to enter.

(3) -Waitlist- People who did RSVP a text message into 650-283-8008 but were waitlisted.

Forecast of the waitlist or capacity of the party is at

* plus a secret celebrity co-host)

The last party was here:




EDWARD Norton film tix giveaway.

1) You tweeted already right?!

2) You buy tix online FOR OPENING WEEKEND ONLY IN DALLAS OR NY and keep online receipt for up to three tix

3) You attend and then take a pic of the ticket stub and your face and upload the pic to twitter and @larrychiang with hashtag #edwardNorton

4) Please follow @larrychiang @sxswparties to recieve DM's

You must be a US Resident and limited to one offer per household and are required to have a valid twitter account in good standing