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The Story

Stories waste time!

“The Story” is typically where a for-profit company spins you a yarn of rags-to-riches. They do this in an attempt to connect with you emotionally. They do this to up the perceived value so that you will pay the price.

I hate stories

The story they manufacture, promote and highlights showcases how the founder or founders help people go from rags to riches using their said-product.

Well, me (LARRYCHIANG) and another millionaire (MATT SMITH) were already rich when we came up with Duck9 as a secret society of college students. We love data. We love hacking. We love using credit to self-fund our businesses (not Startups). We hate stories because we are not kids. We were children. We now are young adults who want to be talked to and mentored like adults.

Stories waste time!!!

Duck9 helps you, help each other get to a FICO wayyyyyy over 700. Duck9 engineers a FICO up, over 720. SO, if you are selfish, just self-tutor yourself.

That’s what we did when we were college students from the rich suburb of Naperville, ILLINOIS…We got ourselved high FICO scores. End of story.

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