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What’s the Panama and Iceland Pump for FICO Score Pumping

by Larry Chiang on June 18, 2018

By Larry Chiang
I’m so hot. It helps to be hot. So, swoll!!
This post is about pumping. I wrote it from Silicon Valley. My numbers are swelling 
Yes, I tip toe the line because it’s borderline wrong to be so right.
The bad pump, the good pump and What’s In It For Your Pump…
Panama Pump:
Larry Chiang (@LarryChiang)
Crazy Eddie Antar. #cs183audit #ch10 interrogation.…

Panama Pump is white collar fraud. Panama is bad.

Iceland pump is good.
I am recommending an Iceland Pump. What’s an Iceland Pump that makes you say Wow.
Well, first you gotta realize that Iceland is green and Greenland is icy. And Iceland is hawt. So, I am pumping, promoting, selling and pumping Iceland.
FICO Score pumping is super similar to the Panama pump. Eerily similar. FICO pumping is where you turn the debits into complex credits prior to paying the debt. Pay small debts by turning them into net-30 net10s. TLDR!?
#SextupleEntendre, cooooouuuming
In short
Charge $10/ week against a credit card attached to your solo, social security number. Pay off 100% of your “credit card debt” every Thursday.
– Do not mix your account.
– Do not mix your social with anyone else’s social
– Your social is your personal tax ID number [figuratively]
~ This post is about pumping. I wrote it from Silicon Valley
– Your social sec number is your personal tax ID number [literally]
You seem like you’re a 32-C or “d”
Pay off 100% of your “credit card debt” every Thursday by getting a $300 credit line. Do not get rejected. Have a plan and preview to NOT get rejected. 

Text me prior to your attempting to get a $300 credit line 

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