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46 ICOs have been announced, 204 are moving ahead

by Larry Chiang on August 8, 2017

$1.7B in ICO’s Autonomous NEXT Analysis
By Larry Chiang
Blockchain currency was invented January of 2009 but the hydrogen bomb in Silicon Valley is the “Initial Coin Offering”. In ICO’s, startups create their own coins, tokens and cryotocurrency. We use etherium, litecoin and Bitcoin to buy into ICOs. The advent of programmable money via ICOs has recently drawn the ire of the sec because ICOs passed the $1B mark. Can programmable money lead to smart contracts? Will the advent of a prepaid API (also known as a token) cause enterprise to begin to leverage the API (if you don’t know what an application protocol interface is, please leave)
Techmeme (@Techmeme)
Despite SEC warning, 46 ICOs have been announced, 204 are moving ahead, only 3 halted plans……

At our Shanghai event, we will examine the powerful concepts behind Bitcoin and seek to understand 

– What to pay attention to. 

– how things might turn out

– what Blockchain developments to pay attention to. 

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