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The Losers Bracket

by Larry Chiang on August 3, 2019

By Larry Chiang
In life, all the winners come outta the losers bracket
Common sense that is completely wrong says that winners just win all the time. Normal intuition would have you think that winning at entrepreneurship is a smooth path
The path is not smooth. Stanford ranked #2-#3 all year but had to win in adverse conditions in Starkville, Mississippi 
Larry Chiang @duck9 (@LarryChiang)
If you got recruited into YC without an application, you’re likely to not value it as much as a person from The Losers Bracket


I dropped outta #cs183uiuc engineering school 1,000x. And re-enrolled in the morning #cs183DuckBk

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Some counterintuitive truths 
– quitting at night is critical if you are to rest and recuperate. 
– thrive when you’re placed into a losers bracket
– if you went to a really good private school, the tendency is that you won’t do well when stuff gets hard
– YC is the winners bracket. The death toll in the winners bracket is astronomical. 
– facing conditions ripe for corporate bankruptcy gives you tunnel vision. This is the type of vision when you’re low on oxygen and see things as if they’re in a long tunnel. You lose scope, clarity and functionality. 
– over time, if you’re not sleeping at night because you’re under all this pressure, the likelihood of losing increases. If you’re not acing #cs183sleep, your likelihood of bankruptcy rises a lot

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