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Stanford MIT Alumni Mixer August 22, 2018

by Larry Chiang on August 16, 2018

Larry Chiang has a J.B.A. Jedi in Business Administration and so can you. Neither he nor his mentor, Mark McCormack, went to Stanford Business. But after Chiang’s HLS keynote, Harvard’s Harbus wrote: “What They Don’t Teach You at Stanford Business School”. Network with MIT and Stanford on Aug 22!!

Larry Chiangby Larry Chiang

The first thing I did when Stanford anointed me “Founding EIR (Entrepreneur In Residence)” was that I anointed myself EIR at MIT.

Remember kids, we do not run away from #ImposterComplex; we run towards ‘imposter complex’. It plagues Chinese males who are super hot the worst. For a cathartic exercise, I wrote a Women 2.o Blog Post about “Imposter Complex”

RSVP if you’re MIT or 🌲and I will teach you “What They Do Teach You at Stanford Engineering About Entrepreneurship”

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