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Four Seasons Miami Restaurant Edge Steak and Bar (lunch menu) Lec 7 cs 183 Distribution

by Larry Chiang on January 9, 2020

By Larry Chiang
Stanford engineers, practice distribution. 

Larry Chiang @duck9 (@LarryChiang)
Can you “distribute” a menu that self distributes, itself.

Try googling the Four Seasons restaurants menu… Solve problems. Distribute those solutions. Gain confidence.

Lec 7, #cs183distribution

Asse9 Austin Secret (@asse9)
Edge steak and Bar (lunch menu)

Edge steak and Bar (lunch menu) 

practice distribution of a menu…

Oren’s Hummus, Palo Alto

Bangkok Cuisine. Palo Alto

Chantal Grillion.

These are the first menus “Door Dash” listed when they slapped up a website called Palo Alto Delivery dot com.
Sales distribution and selling skills helps you and you stanford engineering cofounders.

practice distribution by answering the phone where you offer to email people the menu when they call your website.

For example 650-283-8008

Update: this is January 15s menu

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