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What They Do Teach You at Alpha Kappa Psi About Cold Email

by Larry Chiang on January 11, 2020

By Larry Chiang

It’s very street smart to cold call people. Cold email is a version of distribution. Distribution is where you network and distribute yourself. 

Cold email was taught at AKpsi at Stanford. I’m an honorary Delta Sigma Pi because I guessed at what DSP taught their members. I got to keynote Delta Sigma Pi leadership retreat in Miami of Ohio. 

There will be no keynote on “cold emailing”

Guess at email addresses
Google email address. 
Email people. 
Re-email people. 
Ricky Yean (@rickyyean)
Thread got me digging up extremely cringe-worthy cold emails from college. Ended up working for both ⁦‪@coreyreese‬⁩ and ⁦‪@kevinhartz‬⁩ even though there weren’t job postings. Yes I leaned into that Stanford cred pretty hard and I had no idea how to email 😅

Cecilia Corral (@ceciliacorral)
⁦‪@rickyyean‬⁩ ⁦‪@coreyreese‬⁩ ⁦‪@kevinhartz‬⁩ Was this before or after AKPsi taught email? 🤔😂
Guess at email. 
Email people. 
Re-email people. 
Ask a specific question inside a cold email. 
Read something about them and expand inside another cold email. 
So many VCs got their early start cold calling people. 

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