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To Buy a Lotta Bitcoin from A USA Bank Account, PayPal Me $75,000.57

by Larry Chiang on May 7, 2020

PALO ALTO, Calif. 
By Larry Chiang
If you do not live in 94025 or 94301, this post is not for you. This Duck9 blog post requires you to get final snippets of knowledge at Mayfield Bakery on El Camino 

If you were not a student athlete at Stanford University in the 80s, 70s or 60’s, leave now. These are Stanford student athlete tips only.

This is Stella’s on Jac. 

The schedule: Mayfield Bakery on El Camino, then Evvia and you’ll pick up your Ledger Nano S by the PF Chang’s dumpster at the Stanford mall. 

I’m friends with the Stanford mall cops, the sheriff (it’s actually county land), and the Palo Alto Police and the bus boys at Changers, so it’s all good. 

Problem: the dollar is getting printed
PROBLEM: Your Problem is that Tom Brady has been taking more notes than you. 
Just trying to onboard fiat currency from First Republic Bank is like GOING BACK RIGHT NOW TO STUDY AN ENGINEERING DEGREE. 

Is that happening!?
larrychiang. “$75,000.57” paypal buy bitcoin duck9
Yes, I know about the ‘Dollar Milkshake Theory” and the Marin Katusa Investment thesis: #WarOnGold. But you’ve been down those rabbit holes already. 
A lot of people are going to say rabbit hole a lot.
Bitcoin and cryptic currency took me a loooooong time to come around. 
It probably took me 20 years to come around to seeing that Stanford University is better than University of Illinois. And better than UT
You picked Stanford even though it was dead last in the PAC-8. You picking Stanford in the 80s and ahem 70s is like buying into bitcoin under $17,000. 
See what I did there?!
Remember. Before they let you fly in a jet, they wanna see how you behave in a tank. 
What I mean by this is that you’ve been stewarding your own money pretty well. You hid ostentatious spending. You even negotiate against your HVAC service provider. The A/C unit that you got 5 bids on last summer
Bitcoin Macro (@BTC_Macro)
In last bull run, $BTC went from $6k to $20k in 34 days!

People have forgotten how quickly Bitcoin will pump once we go parabolic again.

Don’t get left behind!

To protect your $200,000,000 by buying BTC w/ 1% $75,000.57 will be worth it just for the entertainment value. 

To set up a sales call with my personal iPhone, 650-283-8008, that Steve Jobs texted me on, PayPal me $5000*
To set up a working call BECAUSE YOURE READY TO PULL THE TRIGGER WITH CRYPTO and BUY BITCOIN, use the special, personal iPhone, 650-283-8008. Outside of Fraiche, Steve Jobs texted me on that number PayPal me $4000 
And the balance of the $75,000.57 I’ll collect via wire transfer. 

Sure I “bribed” a kid in Steve Jobs neighborhood to give me his 408-89x-XXXX number, but he was Osaka with it. Not this kid. But I do money deals with little kids pretty often
*In the $5000 dollar sales call, I will show you “How To do What Larry Chiang will charge you $75,000.57 for in technical technicolor detail for the money that you’ve already paid”. Bring pen and paper and a notebook to Mayfield. And get a pen ready for the sales call you paid $5,000
When the 1% becomes 30~40%, I’ll show you how to #cs183mm it in the same way your pool guy has access to the pool but not the study

Paul Tudor Jones just removed career risk from investing in #bitcoin . Expect a lot of beta fund managers to begin cooking some copy pasta.

– Arthur Hayes

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