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Elsa on a Bus and DCA Buys 2-28-21 Sidestepping Quantum Fear Uncertainty Doubt

by Larry Chiang on February 23, 2021

That’s Elsa sans the Happy New Year Dragon on the Victoria’s Secret runway on an EFFEN bus. I’m legendary and #hiLarryAss. No limo E
Cultural best practices are when you hire a #sportsAsian. Pun, intended. 6’4” 195cm. Fluent jock and vagina whisperer. I’m 50% Chinese and the other 3/4 is Shanghainese
WeChat: *cell 650 283 8008* no spaces 
💵Sales on the phone is #cs183phone
📈 #vaginaWhisperer
🐳 #ch7. Rechannel sexual energy
 $0.000052 / Toshi
💣 WORK = Engineer working in finance in a small business I started in college at University of IL, @duck9 at ILLINI TOWER
🏴‍☠️ Keep it small, keep it all
🐳 #ReverseVC Pitch was my doing. 30 Top 10 VCs paying to pitch us CS major CEO’s
🌲 Stanford Athletics donor 🏀⚾️ and season ticket holder 99

Larry Chiang, 650-283-8008 @duck9
That 2-28-21 DCA buy is looking goooooooood

#unOfficial St Patrick’s Day is engineers editing the calendar

We make our own luck. Engineer serendipity #BTFD

2/23/21, 8:34 AM

Sent from my personal iPhone, 650-283-8008, that Steve Jobs texted me on

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