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There are fake tix getting sold.
All attendees enter with a text message confirmation that we then marry up to the confirmed RSVP list.


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** These pages are not meant for public view **
Sponsors, special guests, DIRECT invitees and co-host eyes ONLY

The Sundance After Party

Sat, Jan 23, 1:00am (in LA, this is known as Fri night)

: Location texted after 9:00pm Fri
Who: You, me, and industry friends.
The party will be a camera-free zone, a regeneration area and an atmosphere of meeting up and coming stars.

Who to avoid
: My agent repping the movie rights to my book, "What They Don't Teach At Stanford Business School". Scene treatments at PropserAss

Produced by: Larry Chiang (AfterParty Resume)
When: 1am. Sat, Jan 23, 2010
What: Unwind at an event that even entertainment attorneys will relax at. Disclosure: security will be very, very tight. It is not open to the public. Important: having Sundance credentials does not substitute party security procedures (read below). Follow on the oh-so-chic Twitter

RSVP: Text message, 650-283-8008, to RSVP. Include your full name, title/org, email address, Sundance. FOR example, text message, "John Smith / Producer / Sundance RSVP yes". One RSVP per text message.

Indie Filmakers:


Press and Photographers:
Extremely limited PRESS passes, email with your cell phone number in the subject line. Have the body include: "Sundance PRESS / afterParty / name, publication, title, circ #s / your cellphone #"

Photographers: All cameras NEED TO BE TAGGED (and checked) AT THE DOOR. MODIFIED phone (Sidekick, Nokia, bb, palm and iPhone) cameras will need to be tagged as well. All guests will be required to sign a release saying that no pictures will be taken and posted without express written consent.

Security Screenings: Make it easier for you to clear security by having your name, match your cell billing name, match your email/job/website. Security will be tight and done thru a third party. The host(s), co-hosts and guest list secretary cannot help you clear security last minute. Sundance badges of any type (all-access, media, staff) are NOT a substitute for this security screen.


Stages of RSVP Confirmation:
1. Email confirmation to acknowledge texted RSVP
2. Confirmation of clearance through security and identity cross-check via cell phone billing address.
3. Text message of party location sent night of Jan 22 after 9:00pm

Night of Details (Security will be tight):

There will be three entry points
(1) -No Wait- People who have a text message confirmation.
One person per text message.
(2) -Line- Queue is for people we need to do a full security screen. Appx 12 to 20+ minutes per person. Even if your name is on the movie poster*, door security will need to screen. If you would like to call to complain, call Larry Chiang at 310-734-1717.
(3) -Waitlist- There is a waitlist and if you are on it, then you know. We will have a medium/decent likelihood of clearing you.

Forecast of after party waitlist is at

* (plus a bevy of secret celebrity guests)

The last party was here:

Note: is a competitor to Duck9 and I am promoting Chris Larsen's company because I LOVE Prosper. ProsperAss is a story about three mormon waitresses that work in a strip club in Mesa AZ. They start a stripper-to-stripper lending company that eventually morphs into the peer to peer lending company called Prosper is a registered trademark.