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27 Things They Don’t Teach You at University of Toronto or And Waterloo Engineering About Scottsdale BACHELORETTE Weekend ‬in Arizona

by Larry Chiang on October 13, 2019

By Larry Chiang

Here for 8 & 1/3 boring Tristan Beck innings on Mon or Tues BUT OMG THERES PERPETUALLY A BACHELORETTE party, here in Scottsdale 

cc @KyleStowers 


27 Things They Don’t Teach You at U of Toronto / Waterloo Engineering About Scottsdale BACHELORETTE Weekend 

If you’re staying in South Scottsdale (aka Scottsdale and Camelback, it’s a $6.49 Uber ride everywhere

Double Tree has great weekend rates at appx $110. The resort is NICE

The Phoenician sucks. Just go there for a coffee and a walk through just to say you’ve been there. I can host you if you text me. Heck, you can even crash the pool(s)

Nightlife in Old Town is okay. I’ll let the other blogs cover nightlife.

Brunch. I like Olive and Ivy. Afterwards, you can roll your buzzed selves on over to…

Nordstrom‘s and the Mall. Life centers around the mall here in the 85253. Walking and shopping at the mall buzzed is pretty fun.

Canadian and getting job offers in America? Well hustle on over to Victoria‘s Secret to establish an American credit score. #poBox16589.

Scooters and dangerous and American healthcare sucks. Ride carefully. Knee and ankle scrapes happen pretty often with drunk tourists

W Hotel. Fun to party at but not great to stay at. Get a hotel key for lobby access. Bring an Old W hotel key to cut the lines during long weekends and special events.

The Marriott suites in Old Town has a sick HVAC. This is why the all suites hotel has such a low rate on hotel reselling sites like Hotwire, Priceline and The Bonvoy App (Which is wayyy more expensive BTW)

Downtown Phoenix is okay. Centering your bachelorette party downtown is like a crappy version of the downtown in Toronto or Vancouver. If you’re gonna have it hosted in the desert, do desert all the way.

Sushi is surprisingly okay here. Sushi Sen is a gem. Me and a lot of asian pro baseball players eat here. See my twitter feed.

Strippers. We are expensive. Get over it.

Do not kiss me or my dog in the face on the lips. We bite. Pet us. Don’t mouth rape us.

Tax. Deduct your whole trip via your Schedule C.

Just because I saved you 40-50%, don’t spend more. Women think: “The more I spend, the more I save.

There are a lot of pro athletes that are either retired or just starting their careers here. Do you like to play ball?

Networking at parties you host in Montawk Bar, Scottsdale

What They Don’t Teach You at U of Toronto / Waterloo Engineering About Scottsdale BACHELORETTE Weekend = in room dining is great

Hydration. Drink about 3 cans of this Coconut water. And lots of water.

Or else you’ll be dry. Dry Lips.

Take lots of selfies

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