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Alpha Male Whisperer

by Larry Chiang on May 3, 2016

By Larry Chiang
Me and Miles Killebrew were undergrad engineers who played a sport as student athletes. This means we got yelled at sometimes and did not get 100% all-As. Engineering classes are hard. 
This truth forms the basis for my hobby: I am the Alpha Male Whisperer. 
Here are some tips if you want to do well as a student athlete who goes pro. Miles went pro in “football”. I went pro as a First Round Draft Pick at a Fortune 100 Company, Nalco
## Tip Number ONE ##
Takes notes by putting pen to paper. Nothing slows down a fast talking alpha male than when you take your pen from paper, comma raise your pen carrying hand, and say CAN YOU REPEAT THAT.
I am taking paper notes at a school I do not attend.
Larry Chiang (@LarryChiang)
I am the Alpha Male Whisperer bc I sit in the front row and take notes like a #NerdNation…

## Tip Number TWO ##

SIT in the front row.

Andrew Luck sat in the front row. He was also a student athlete that played football. Alpha males can be charmed by location of where you plop your 222 pound, 6’5″ ass.

Larry Chiang (@LarryChiang)
Cesar Milan’s sequel should be “Alpha Male Whisperer” #sequelToABook I didn’t write ……

## Tip Number THREE ##

COUNTERINTUITIVE- alpha males are going to be dicks to us because they want to network with alpha males rising. For example, Miles Killebrew and when he was networking with the Detroit Lions. They gave him a “hardship interview”. Investment banks do this too. 
Tip: get fortitude. 
Tip. Don’t get flustered. 
Tip: Don’t cry on the outside even though you’re crying on the inside. 
Tip: Don’t go home and curl up in a ball. Open up your heart chakra and let those critical words pour in. Then whip out your Peets moleskin, and say with a strait face, “can you repeat and expand that.
Larry Chiang (@LarryChiang)
Got fortitude. You’re gonna need it in spade…

## Tip Number FOUR ##

WE are going to need to succeed via the losers bracket. 
Larry Chiang (@LarryChiang)
Reminds me of the PG essay: power of the margins. Reminds me of Coach: Winners inside the Losers Bracket #ch5/#ch11…

After a back injury, this student athlete redirected her energy into entrepreneurship. Lots of fortitude in the notes I took when I sat front row at Stanford Entrepreneurship Week

Jeremiah Owyang’s Tweet 
## Tip Number FIVE ##
old people, aka DINOSAURS need to be faxed, smoke signaled, telephone-talked-to, etc. 
Back when I was a superstar, I used to make aspiring prepreneurs and pre Entrepreneurs meet and do meeting at Ramona’s Nails. Such an alpha male move. 

Larry Chiang (@LarryChiang)
Call me “The Dinosaur Whisperer”. Like man-charm



Sarah Prevette (@SarahPrevette)
@LarryChiang Thanks Larry. I enjoyed your David Hasselhoff posters. Ps How on earth did you manage to Build-a-Bear with man charm? #GOAP

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matsume kai (@matsume)
@LarryChiang Just checked out Man Charm, lol!

## Tip Number SEVEN ##

ALPHA males show up late. 
## Tip Number EIGHT ##
TIP: to charm an alpha male, read what they wrote and promote what they promote. 
## Tip Number NINE ##
I have ten more tips. They cost $9

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