Is there a typo?! I studied engineering. So text me
650-283-8008, my mistakes and I will luv u long time.

so Wong I know!















I love 11:11

=> 1's are industrylingo for on-time payment.

24 1's = FICO over 700

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I plan on making money off of you in two-to-four years when you graduate.

You need a high FICO score and I will show you how to self-fund until you get to $900k in sales :-)

I will meet 10,000 computer science majors from doing this. A few will be thankful I helped them learn to arbitrage. Heck, its a "Braun power cord arbitrage party'


Heck, it is a "Uber external API that pays lead gen money"

Meeting econ majors is just an unfortunate by-product. I hope youre hawt.


I speak at groups like Delta Sigma Pi and Alpha Kappa Psi.

I also host after parties in my pajamas (courtesy Nike dri-fit) and Ugg slippers (courtesy Tony Hsieh CEO

This party is a sequel to Web 2.0 Summit where web execs pretend to learn from me but all they wanna do is after party more and more










SECRET: I make money selling you a low-cost car loan or mortgage that I will never hard-sell

I hard sell the free and soft sell the awesome








































11:11 = 1s are on-time payment. 24 1s = FICO over 700

9's are charge-offs
a charge-off is a bad debt




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A.s.s. = A. Secret. Society.

It's a secret society because you can secretly make money. You make money mentoring FICO scores. There is no investment and no downside. Only the experience of working and knowledge in credit FICO scores.

Duck9 is fully legal. Everything we do is legal, honor US credit laws and fully abides by FCRA (Fair Credit Reporting Act).

It is not something you join, but rather something you just start doing.
- Learn the credit knowledge.
- Come and go as you please.
- Make a little or a lot, I do not care. The 'franchise' fee is $149.97. PayPal three installments of $50.01, 50.01, 49.95.

Once you sell one person this same concept or JUST LOAD UP ONE WORDPRESS blog page, you get a $160 rebate.

Yup, you make $10 bucks, three cents = $10.03 bucks
(100% money back guarantee at any point. We will part friends at any time. I'll refund 100% of your cash. Zero complaints)

I'm Larry Chiang
Im the primary innovator for "Larry Chiang Reverse Rebate Model". It is legendary.

My PayPal email address is first name last name no space at company dot com to send me $50.01 using your iPhone's PayPal app . iPhone 4 or higher users only, send me "$50.01, 50.01, 49.95 = $149.97

My PayPal phone number is 650-283-8008 if you can't figure out my email is larry chiang at D-u-c-k-9. Send me, $50.01, then another $50.01... After I get a notification, I can get you started with the "100% Affiliate Program" aka 'franchise'. uncategorized/larry-chiang- 100-affiliate-programs- emphasis-on-plural/

Question: why $50.01? It seems so random.
LarryChiang Answer: It is specific. It signals to me that I need to interact with you in a pattern-specific-way.

ENGR 145's a pattern too

It moves you to the right on the entrepreneur bell curve

Q: Why do you call it a franchise?
Larry Chiang answer: Hollywood franchise is what I had in mind. Not a franchise in the business sense where you pay a quarter million and get a 80 hour per week job making $80k per year called Subway.

Q: How do you make money?
Larry Chiang: I came up with a hashtag because how I make money paying you $10 is incredibly detailed. The hashtag is #EUBM.

Question: Are you real. You're awesome!
Larry Chiang Answer: Oh yeah. Real. And super douchie. Look at my facebook feed cuz its chock full of me showing off, but for goodness sakes do not add me and do not fan my Facebook fanpage. It will be all larry chiang all the time in your feed.

Remember, keep this secret.

Waste a lot of time investigating. But be careful and secretive. It is a rabbit hole of entrepreneurship!!!! And I am paying you an Andrew Hamilton to consider taking the journey.