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Attempt by Chris Heuer to Get a First Class, United Airlines Refund

by Larry Chiang on June 13, 2017

By Larry Chiang

Collecting on a paid upgrade. It’s not often easy to collect on a debt/contractual obligation; Must know protocols and countermeasures. 


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Chris Heuer (@chrisheuer)
Hey @united I paid you $500 + 30,000 miles for an upgrade (and you put me on standby list, and I didn’t get it) How do I get $ & miles back?

Getting a refund is not automatic even though it should be. 

Airlines hope for breakage
Chris Heuer (@chrisheuer)
.@united one would think you would have contacted me or initiated refund already since you know I didn’t get it. Want cash not travel credit

United airlines put @chrisheuer on standby list, and @chrisheuer didn’t get upgraded. 

United (@united)
@chrisheuer Hey, Chris. We recommend filing this claim with Refunds so we can return these to you: ^AH

Airlines hope for breakage which is where you do not follow up.

Chris Heuer (@chrisheuer)
@united I spoke to some of your IT leaders at a conference. I KNOW they are super smart and care. Why do I need to make a claim at all? Cc @FTA_DOT

Btw, the FTA_DOT can’t help you lol. They’re a government agency that oversees airlines in a similar way the FTC oversees credit bureaus. I bet no one is empowered to even read and reply to your tweet 

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