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Black Santa Company Press and Speculative SF Event @TheBlackSantaCo

by Larry Chiang on November 22, 2016

image1.JPG Baron Davis is “The Black Santa Co” here in Fox Channel 5, NYC

Black Santa Company (@TheBlackSantaCo)
Our founder @BaronDavis spreading joy and smiles with the @fox5ny team in NYC yesterday morning #GivingHasNoSeason #BlackSanta
Larry Chiang (@LarryChiang)
We should do a #SantaCon educational event in SF the week of SantaCon Dec 5th @BaronDavis. For kids. cc @TheGuardsmen…

Baron Davis (@BaronDavis)

Okay, so SantaCon is Dec 10. It’s a bar crawl where the entire Bay Area dresses as slutty santa’s and drinks. Well, I am all for fun but I also wanna help kids. 

image2.JPG Larry Chiang, Dr Ying Zhao and Miles Mulcare
Santa Tree lot party is #17Dec2016

See guardsmen stuff I support and donate to. 

Well, we should do a #SantaCon educational event in SF the week of SantaCon Dec 5th. Dec 10 is a Saturday. Week of December 5 is Monday December 5, Tuesday is Decemver 6, Wednesday December 7, #08Dec2016 is Thursday & Friday December 9.

Ideas. Coding is hot right now. Computer coding using an android or iPhone or laptop. 

specific IDEAS:

– idea 1: A confidence builder = embedding a PayPal button onto wordpress.  

– Idea 2: a confidence builder: Embedding a Uber referral code onto Medium 

– #3: Writing text on a picture using PicsPlayStudio’s android app. 

– Idea #4: listing something on eBay and learning to load up pics. 

These will all be COPPA compliant. child online privacy protection as per my 2000 US House of Representatives expert testimony. 

-Idea 5: Connect a new PayPal account that has $5 to an email address that’s connected to Amazon. Then embed a PayPal button that charges $10-15
$15.00 (depending on how many kids are at the workshop. 

Ideally, all ideas are taught by you, Baron Davis. Which means what’re idea you choose, I’ll have to mentor you. Kids gravitate towards a celeb and want the celeb to speak. 

Hack: You have one of the kids teach in your place. This really, really works because some kids do their homework. 

We will use eventbrite. The “cost” is $8.oo. When they actually show up, they get $10. We should not do free because the no show rate is HUGE. Plus, I can do your *celeb security* for people you want to block in the real world. 

Pick an idea and text me on 650-283-8008. 

Bonus. Kid who “wins” gets to dunk on you on a nerf hoop. [ideas]

Specifics: 100% of revenue goes back to the kids before they leave. There is not leftover money. 

The event will cost nominal to produce. Really, it’s just social capital and getting tech founders to donate prizes/ donate time. Plus, I like the Starwood group of hotels (Westin, St Regis’, W Hotel, Le Meredian, Sheraton, Luxury Collection aka Palace hotel or the all Pro hotel, Royal_Hawaiian)

Text me! 650-283-8008. Also, my other iPhone is 415-720-8500

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