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4 Best Ways to Network with Speakers

by Larry Chiang on June 21, 2014

By Larry Chiang
I used to be an undergrad who knew no one.
Now, I know everyone

Larry Chiang (@LarryChiang)
Getting Speakers to Favorite and Like You

/1/ Tweet notes by citing their twitter handle.
VIPs get emailed notices. It doesn’t matter if you have zero followers.
/2/ summarize notes and blog about it on WordPress.
The VIP speaker has gmail alert to email them when their name is mentioned.
/3/ Record a 35-42 second video in landscape mode. 
Title tag it
Speaker name/ location / your name
/4/ email the speaker
If you don’t have their email, email me and I’ll get it for you. PayPal me $29.96 to 650-283-8008. After you actually email them (and cc my secret email and I’ll rebate you 30.00.
PayPal me $29.96 by downloading the app and selecting PAY to 650-283-8008
I met Chris Peacock at SXSW 
NOTE: after a speaker speaks.
– fewer than 7% will email
– 10-13% go up and ask for a business card
– 1% will blog it on wordpress
– 99% know the theory behind uploading a YouTube video, but appx 1% can actually execute
Stanford kids used to be super douchie, but now they hustle and are street smart. For example, StartX does not exist at any other college (it used to be SSE Labs)

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