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5 Hashtags Almost As Good as 3 Masters Degree Student Athletes

by Larry Chiang on January 5, 2015

By Larry Chiang
Lol, I’m not a force of nature. I’m a frustrated and athletically challenged athlete
It’s true, I squandered my god given gifts and squandered a mentor given baseball mentor named Augie Garrido. He tried to mentor his large baseball brain into my pea sized 19 year old brain. 
I. Did. Not. Listen. 
My mentorship failing as a sophomore student athlete led me to never again not heed an old white guy alpha male’s advice. Double negatives aside, I said to myself, “The next time I meet a self-assured charming old white guy, I’ll do whatever the advise”
My next mentor was Mark McCormack. Heard of me ever mention him?
My credit mentor that I concurrently met SOPH year: Gerri Detweiler. She would agree that these five hashtags are awesome because I paste-copied them right from her book: “ULTIMATE CREDIT HANDBOOK” 
5 legendary credit hashtags 

Larry Chiang (@LarryChiang)
#POBox105281 => Atlanta 30348
#POBox2000 => Chester PA 19022
#POBox740256 => Atlanta 30374-0256
#POBox9701 Allen TX 75013

cc #ExpTransFax

Why are they legendary!?!

They lever the FCRA
Act (yes I penned the sequel #HR627 CARD ACT*)
* Google: “How I got a law passed for $217”
FCRA (Fair Credit Reporting Act) protects you when you write in paper mail. The general public is out there lobbing in phone calls. Phone calls do not work. FCRA does not apply to phone calls. FCRA is only for written communication 
How phone calls result in credit pain. 
pia jean (@piajOn)
#worstever RT @freecreditrepor: What are the steps to cancelling a TransUnion credit report monitoring membership?

Plot spoiler: all the Quora upvoted credit policy answers []

= worthless. The Quora recommends phone. 

Free Credit Report (@freecreditrepor)
Keep telephoning.
Keep calling for bad credit complaint resolution šŸ™‚ā€¦

#POBox105281 = How to use USPS


In engr 145, I taught CS kids to track my ass using a tracking number. Google “Is a FedEx package smarter than a CS major”
Ok, so these were the 5 hashtags
– #POBox105281 => Atlanta 30348

– #POBox2000 => Chester PA 19022
– #POBox740256 => Atlanta 30374-0256
– #POBox9701 Allen TX 75013

Here are the three student athletes
Stefan Nastic
Anthony Brown
Chasson Randle
In my next post, I’ll write about how students athletes are not dumb jocks anymore. Err wait. I just did already
Selfie, no self is a hidden founder lesson that pattern replicates “non employee co-founder”. I’m a super model. 
SOPH year University of Illinois, I took first steps to becoming a supermodel. My big break was the “Moms Day Fashion Show”. 
While I blew it with my baseball mentor, I listened to my supermodel mentor (& agent who discovered me: Robert Black of Ford Models). 
What happened at #641Campus Feb 26, 2013 will be apparently clear. I open sourced my super large entrepreneur brain for all student athletes to learn at startup mecca @641 Campus. It’s ncaa compliant. It’s all on this blog, twitter, YouTube and Facebook 

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