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7 Stages to Getting a High FICO and Free Rides on Uber and USD$45

by Larry Chiang on June 30, 2014

By Larry Chiang

Uber is an app that gets you a limo. It’s cool and debuted at Stanford Entrepreneur Week 2010 right before it launched SXSW. South By is a tech conference in Texas ENGR 145 students launch at. If you’ve no American credit score, you can keep complaining to your HBS classmates or post doc Engineering buddies. Or you can solve the fact that you can’t get an Uber because you do not have a credit card

Stage One. Uber did not yet do a co-branded, low-grade credit quality PRE-paid. This is an External API STAGE ONE step one. You gotta get a post paid smartphone program that you PRE pay.



David Rohrsheim did this as a GSB VC Aussie citizen. Btw he is GM of Uber in Australia and wayyyyy too busy to walk you ex-pats thru what he did in 2009. So get a phone post paid account and text me.

Rohrsheim is now Uber GM. Tweet him @rohrsh on TWITTER.

Stage THREE.

Meet me at a Bank of America branch. I can’t do stage THREE UNTIL you do step one in stage ONE

WHOA u skipped STAGE TWO! stage two step one was google my cell phone. Stage two, step two was #TextMe

Stage 4: If you got turned down for the Bank of America credit card, I gotta text someone at 1825 Buckeye or 101 Tryon Huh? Yup, I text to solve your credit issues and use Post Office boxes like a Jedi uses a light saber to kick that ass of 30 droids with 300 laser blasters. So me as a Jedi uses a couple stamps, a crayon and 31 envelopes to fundraiser up more revenue than half of any YC class combined. You do stage one or two yet?! Hop on it

IF YOU ARE AT UBER…, EMBRACE THIS EXTERNAL API (it’s a signature business maneuver by me, Larry Chiang)

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