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Finovate, After AfterParty Fall in NYC

by Larry Chiang on May 9, 2012

By Larry Chiang

First of all, thank you Finovate for granting me the Official AfterParty.

Here is my ‘value added hijack’ in piece-wise technicolor detail for the sequel to this.

-1- In NYC do a proof-positive concept tested, “larry chiang afterparty”

People love sequels. I love vetting, removing and mitigating risk. You at Finovate moved to a two-day format and now all y’all can wedge in an afterparty that you can now sell sponsorship for.

-2- Break up the afterParty into two separate parties.

9pm-12 midnight.
12 Midnight to 2am.

The theory here is that executive attendees eat a dinner and then come to the afterparty for one drink. If the party were 9-11 and dinner gets done at 10:15, there will be fall-out, unsubscribes if the party ends at 11. Ending the party at 12 and the afterparty at 2am pretty much guarantees that the party closes at 12:25 where everyone collapses into a cab and are in their respective hotel suites by 12:50am

This replicates the TechCrunch 2008 Official AfterParty

This pattern replicates The Duck9 Web 2.0 Summit AfterParty 2012:

-3- Pre-Party with a Dinner at 7pm.

7:00 VIP Drinks
7:30 – 9:30 Dinner.

That way when people trickle in at 9, the party is already blowing and going.

-4- Charge what you want.

Seriously, that is your issue.

-5- The Larry Chiang After, Afterparty

If you want me to appear or/and host the after, afterparty from 12-2am, I will do the first year.

In the following year’s year, you can sell that too 🙂

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