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A Quizzical Question from Facebook

by Larry Chiang on November 20, 2014

Larry Chiang mentors college students and entrepreneurs to get a FICO up over 750. While Duck9 self funds, you self-fund…so we can all self-fund. Self-funding is when you keep 100% of the equity. Later, we can get VC but venture capitalists want to see how we manage our FICO before we get their money. After a Harvard Law School keynote, Harvard Business wrote: “What They Don’t Teach You at Stanford Business School“.

At NY Fashion Week, I like models!

By Larry Chiang

My friends on Facebook private messaged me. Other people have similarly asked me, “Take me through your thought process”
Ok Alyssa and Christina and Emily…
-1- Step one is I take something sexy and make it sexier.
By sexy, I mean cool, well curated and pertinent. I do not purely mean sexually sexy. Like intellectually sexy.
For example, Mercedes Benz Fashion Week.
For example the week of SuperBowl secret VIP parties. For example a Soldier Field tailgate in late Dec (jk JK)
A Silicon Valley example of a sexy event is…
Larry Chiang (@LarryChiang)
“Winter Holidazzle: Penthouse Floor @WestinStFr” RSVP “yes” on @eventbrite w/me…

-2- Step 2 is I, Larry Chiang, ask “Got Afterparty?!”

An afterparty in Silicon Valley isn’t alcohol and call girls [that then require #CallGirlCounterMeasures :-] An afterparty I throw has one random food item + Tap Water out of the bathroom sink spigot.
-3- food.
For example Guacamole. I serve that annually at #SXSW. It creeps people out that an Asian person cooks Guac using Texas BBQ signature maneuvers.
For example Chocolate Chip Freedom Toast. More on that later.
-4- The MONEY
My mentors triumvirate mentored me to Engineer Up a Business Model (EUBM). At the heart of “My Process” is being cognizant of the cash in and cash out. #EUBM is a sequel to a book “Business Model Generation”. The book was used in a class I took at Stanford.
Later I taught.
Since we are talking about a Christmas party, for me it’s all money out. Also known as money I spend. But I’m cognizant and recognition money in. I’m aware of #Revenue opportunities as clearly as Tom Brady and Andrew Luck and Peyton Manning and Madison Bumgarner read opposition research.
-5- How To Get Home Field Advantage (on the Road. #HTGHFAOTR)
Russell Wilson plays video games to see inside stadiums where his Seattle based company will visit. He’s a University of Wisconsin engineer who works at the Seattle Seahawks Incorporated. As an employee, he reports to a boss that is literally in-his-ear. So, it’s important to realize that Mr Wilson wants location details at his next work venue.
-6- Googleing the venue details
In sticking with the Holidazzle “case study” (LABCS 3318 = Live Action Business Case Study 3318). It levers LABCS 3320, “anchor + satellite).

In adhering to “HOLLIDAZZLE”…,

“Winter Holidazzle: Penthouse Floor @ Westin St FrancisThursday, December 11, 2014

Westin St. Francis
335 Powell St, San Francisco, CA, 94102”

So the afterparty is best done in a suite on the towers side.

Disclosure: I make money as a supermodel and coincidentally benefit at this SPG property.
The afterparty should be in a suite serving chocolate chip freedom toast.
-7- If this afterparty sought an ROI…
I don’t need an ROI for this party. But if I did I’d
– Do an Eventbrite stand-alone webpage for the afterparty
– do a WordPress blog post
(Using signature business recipe #LTMVBP Less Than Minimum Viable Blog Post)
– sell the tap water sponsor by taking $40. Then the tap water would be upgraded to BevMo water. It’s 2.99 for a 24 pack
– Then, I would refund the $40 using LCRRM (LCRRM refunds money when the VIP sponsor actually shows up / does what they say)
– if this afterparty was for money, I’d record and upload two YouTube videos using my iPhone 9 (4+5, 6+6-3, etc)
– In short, I’d #EUTWMPPM
-8- I’d then get “real world insurance”
Obvi, I’m uber hot
Even though this selfie, no self crops me out, you can tell I’m super super hot. So to make sure my super hot friends who are girls don’t coerce me into sex, I get “real world insurance”.
Here is how it works.
The afterparty in the suite of the Westin Hotel will have a bunch of hot girls that will meander. It gets super awkward. Then, fights happen. In wars that are sexual in nature, no. One. Wins.
I double book a room at the St Regis.
Yup, I Irish goodbye my own party. This works great at SXSW (Four Seasons and Sheraton/Driskill). This works great at Ted (Fairmont and Pan Pacific). This works great at every SuperBowl (Westin and Airbnb)
-9- True Story. VIPs never book housing in time because we are front running douchebags
So the housing always comes in hand Job #1 is to book ‘real world insurance’ It triples as call girl countermeasures where you escape puddy that pressures us.
-10- Let your after party get M&A’d
Yup. It’s easy.
-11- Look to promote a competitors head to head event
My events always sell out. So I’m totally fine promoting a head to head event. Heck, one time I even left my own party to go send blessings.
Remember, there is plenty of the American natural resource known as #LarryChiang
-12- Got PRE game
Hahaaahaa, the girls I hang out with ALWAYS wanna pre game.

I don’t wanna pre drink. I’m one and done. I wanna EAT. Thus, this year before HOLLIDAZZLE, I am going to…”Annual Crab Feed at The Guardsmen Tree Lot”

Thursday, December 11, 2014

LOCATION: The Guardsmen Christmas Tree Lot at The Fort Mason Festival Pavilion
2 Marina Blvd, San Francisco, CA, 94123

Larry Chiang (@LarryChiang)
#Hollidazzle. Im eating din din w/300 at The @guardsmen Tree…

I advocate female founders PRACTICE entrepreneurship before they start a tech startup. An exercise is doing this afterparty

Another exercise is part of my 5 “pop up internship”. For example “arbitrage santa costumes” is Pop Up Internship 1B

Larry Chiang (@LarryChiang)
“Santa Con” SF
san francisco #13Dec2014 #SpinsterPrePARTY

So, you DJ the mentorship here.

Execute the Dec 3 spinster pre party’s afterparty. Alyssa told me about the Dec 3 party that generates excitement for the Dec 13 party
Do an afterparty for Spinsters Dec 3.
Heck, you’re hesitant females. I’ll HELP you. I have just one rule. No private hugs lasting more than 15 seconds. They make me tingle-ly.
If you want a public hug, those are unlimited. Please get to Googleing and get your journal notebook up and going.  Here is more
Btw, I’ve a GF. Obvi!

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