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Acing Day #1 as a Cal Optometry Optometrist Working in Lens Crafters #GrowthHacker

by Larry Chiang on July 12, 2016

Larry Chiang (@LarryChiang)
Cute puppies.
Knowledge activation. Because Cal optometry students care zero about #GrowthHacking#cs183e Lec 14
1/ Your first seven interactions.
Add value in your first 7 interactions. So, instead of what can I get…, Ask how can I help. For example, during day number one at orientation…
2/ Park in Employee Parking
Do not laugh. A lot of Lens Crafters are at a mall. Do not park where customers park. Do not email the optometrist about where to park {see point number #1}. Do park at employee parking at Santana Row. Do park at Westfield malls employee parking.
3/ Take paper notes about working in sales.
If you #GrowthHack you should always be adding to your sales arsenal. During orientation, a lot of sales insight seems like a meaningless detail, but details matter in #GrowthHacking
cal Entrepreneurship Week. School of Optometry in Napa cal Entrepreneurship Week. School of Optometry in Napa
4/ wardrobe.
Wear a sportscoat. If you’re Asian, you probably look 18 years old. So dress older and buy something from that store your mom shops at.
5/ show up 30 minutes early.
6/ Update your recruiter that you’re starting your first day via email. Send them a thank you for recruiting you.
#7, you tell me in the comments.

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