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All Upside. Silicon Valley Deals Are All Upside

by Larry Chiang on April 19, 2016

By Larry Chiang
All upside. Silicon Valley wants the best of the best, that it’s willing to take the risk for you if you’re what we want.
This is Deep Underground Capital and Credit Knowledge*. This is DUCK. All upside is very Silicon Valley, normal. Everywhere else, it is pay-to-take-a-chance.
*Duck9 – Duck Ch9 Bk* {bk is credit code bankruptcy}
We want cs majors who code.
We want founders to be VCs who show up less than 30 minutes late.
We want VCs with access to networks of engineers.
We want teams of cs majors to also promote.
An Uber Visa by Larry Chiang is all upside too: It have a Negative Annual Fee.
For another #SiliconValley example, here is a deal that is all upside:
Larry Chiang (@LarryChiang)
Only in #SiliconValley is there this deal: Take my LP$$$. Keep 40% of the upside plus 4.65% in fees. No. Down. Side.

40% of the upside is “carry”. So if your LP gives you 100 units of money and your TVPI is 140, you keep 16 units of money. TVPI is total value: Paid In. Total value of 140. Paid in is 100, (obviously). Profit of 40.

40% carry is 16 units of money because .40 x 40 = 16
It’s all upside even for your virginal, first time, cherry-popping and hymen breaking flight to #SiliconValley. See “santaCon in #SiliconValley with Larry Chiang
Yes, self fund to set your town’s entrepreneurship bell curve. 
To succeed at something innovative you’re thinking about making: “Cross the Chasm From The Right”

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