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Assassin Whisperer

by Larry Chiang on January 6, 2024

# Assassin Whisperer
#chapte1: Damned if We Do Network in a Groupimage0.jpeg
CS major CRO, computer science Major Chief Revenue Officer
. Damned if we don’t network By Yourself 
#chapte2: Building Treasure w/ Cannon Protocol’s 
#chapt3: Paste Copying BEST PRACTICES
#chapte4: Networking S.0. L. O. like youre James Bond 
#chapte5: Baby Faced Assassin GOT MENTORS
image1.jpegvagina Whisperer Larry Chiang in Miami office hours at South Beach’s “Royal Palm Hotel
#chapte6: Selling Yourself via COLD OPENS as an Assassin
#chapte7 Sexing 
#chapte8 Karma
Being Resourceful * Entrepreneurial
Street Smarts + PORST Interrogation
How To Fail Forward
12: Ten Lies
13 : Crazy Counterintuitive Truths
We Network as Assassins So We Are Never Lonely
image2.jpegattractive tall Chinese male and female friend
CEO of Duck9, Larry Chiang at (650) 283-8008
Little of what she distributes is defensible.

I get why an elite #TedTalk is diffy from #Chapte1 ~> #chapte14

Crack an FA Hayek book to cite, or be in deficit #ch5 #ch2

7/17/21, 7:00 PM
WordPress’d from my personal iPhone, 650-283-8008, number that Steve Jobs texted me on

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