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ATX Tech Incubator’s DEMO DAY

by Larry Chiang on August 19, 2015

By Larry Chiang
7 companies launched at Austin Tech Incubator!!
Photo credit Bob Metcalfe

ATX Tech Incubator (@ATI_UT)
Great way to start the night! @flippedhealth converts liquid vaccines to a dry powder to eliminate refrigerated shipping #ATIDecision2015

ATX Tech Incubator (@ATI_UT)
Next up, Austin Robotics will discuss their robotic exoskeleton technology to revolutionize physical therapy! #ATIDecision2015

ATX Tech Incubator (@ATI_UT)
IntiHealth (AKA Guardian Sensors) is on the clock! Their flexible adhesive sensors reduce discomfort in heart rate monitors #ATIDecision2015

ATX Tech Incubator (@ATI_UT)
Get excited for @proteanseq! They are enabling 100% visibility in protein scanning for medical diagnostics #ATIDecision2015

ATX Tech Incubator (@ATI_UT)
On to our 5th presentation! @LuceloTech develops lightweight flexible solar panels focused on the smart packaging industry #ATIDecision2015

ATX Tech Incubator (@ATI_UT)
Tutor is an exciting new platform to connect students to academic resources #ATIDecision2015

ATX Tech Incubator (@ATI_UT)
Our last presentation is YouRefund! Their exciting technology eases the tax refund process for international shoppers #ATIDecision2015

Bob Metcalfe (@BobMetcalfe)
Handsome @UTAustin Longhorns presenting their startups last night @ATI_UT SEAL Demo Day

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