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August 13 Facebook Status Update

by Larry Chiang on August 13, 2013

by Larry Chiang

welcome to my world.

I am leveraging the two (2) fB likes here to do a sequel.

It is a Gua Gua Guacamole office set up right next to a real world bank so that today’s undergrad engineers can self-fund 3-10+ years from now. The idea, Gua Gua Guacamole, is consistent with ‘business recipes from 1983’. Its where you engineer up a tidal wave of momentum from a dead stand still.

If you’re a pre-founder aspiring entrepreneur, watch how few likes you will get as you tactically pattern iterate. The pattern I recognize is that Fred Smith, founder of FedEx, ‘successfully’ shipped 7 packages of 50 on-time his first day of business. I did this research under #PRPRPI

my world sucks 90++% of the time. my world is isolated 90% of the time. I yell at myself louder than any alpha male could ever dream of yelling. I do not need likes and I make my own luck.

welcome to the secret world that entrepreneurs inhabit

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