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Avoid and Duck Chap 9 Bankruptcy

by Larry Chiang on February 11, 2015

Larry Chiang’s 6th book, “What They Will NEVER Teach You at Stanford Business School WTWNTYASBS”, will launch 11-11-19 in a photo-booth like the Tresemme two-story tradeshow booth New York Fashion Week. As CEO of Duck9, he leads an army to help college student consumers get a FICO over 770. Post H.L.S. keynote, Harvard Business wrote: “What They Don’t Teach You at Stanford Business School” (his latest post: “Setting an intention for SXSWi“.

NY Fashion Week is just like the Mom’s Day Fashion Show. Instead of the ‘Union’, its held at Lincoln Center
By Larry Chiang
I think I swallowed the Paul Graham mantra “Do things that don’t scale but have momentum”. 
So much so that I made a hashtag of my effort #DTTDSBHM. Well, bankruptcy breaks hearts. I’m ceo of duck9 with a bio that is so awesome, it seems fake. So when I say I’m a duck and avoid bankruptcy “expert”, I really mean mutha scratchin’ guru. My mentees do super well
I’m bored. 
So, now I do the seemingly impossible: reassembling the broken gingerbread man. Putting Humpty Dumpty back together after the YC team quit and stopped answering emails (& and responding to at-replies about promised CS 183b deliverables)
Broken cookie heart photo credit: Larry Chiang, NYFW Supermodel
Hobby that levers credit expertise:

Larry Chiang (@LarryChiang)
‘The Broken Heart’ 🙁…

While I can’t mend a broken lovelorn heart, I can fix your chap 9 BK startup. 

Your startup, now in the ashes, is as good as when it was a twinkle at The Playa or/and south by. Or/and The Crunchies 2010. You’ve seen and stalked dozens of my genius “signature business maneuvers”. For teenager Jesus’ sake, all awkward and gangly but omnipotent and awesome, LETS EXECUTE PLAN #9

Chap 9 bankruptcy happens when a VC repo’d (repossess and repossessed your startup like a delinquent car loan :-). Aka you were fired. Chap 9 is also ABC (assignment for Benefit of Creditors. It’s where your startup is so worthless that paperwork for a BK is too expensive versus your assets. 

I’m bored. Highly intelligent. Motivated. Super smart. You complete, You.

Download the official YouTube app to see #ENGR145’s anchor video. Engineering 145 based video moves you from bankrupt zero to hero. You’re welcome 
is free from trademark or copyright or patents both foreign and domestic. Stanford and YC are going “protectionist”. The third and best remaining institution of Silicon Valley, ME, is all open source, all awesome
Larry Chiang = cell 650-283-8008. Cuz Larry has a hilarious Bounceback message with my real number. 
Plot spoiler:

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