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Because we are better at collecting “junk fees” than y’all are at dodging punitive charges for toll and bridge

by Larry Chiang on July 9, 2015

By Larry Chiang

The grey area of tollway tax has a related gray area of Fair Debt collection practices.

I know. They know. Legislatures know. We all know the tollway authority operates with little or no oversight. They are not a bank and thus the OCC cannot curtail their fee and late payment legality. They are not a credit bureau, so the FTC cannot regulate.

Our Illinois based company, UCMS, has a history of government affairs, public policy work. We lobbied for consumer credit score laws to be passed such as HR627. The tollway, junk fee and bridge toll, late-pay penalties are not going away anytime soon. So, leverage the #PObox5382 and #PObox26926 ‘protocols’, respectively. You see, calling is a zero-win situation. This credit war you know verrrrry little about must be a paper war. If it is paper, you’ve got a prayer. If you are calling, you’re nothing but hot air.

This is a first person experience for a (illinois) tollway consumer, “J.T., Cambridge, Mass.”

“Time passed, I thought it would go away.  Boy was I wrong.
A year later, out of the blue I get a bill for $3000.  I called in again, they had sent it to collections.  Nobody would talk to me about anything.  And they suspended my current IPASS which I had been paying in good standing for over a year.  And they threatened to suspend my license.”

If it is paper, you’ve got a prayer. If you are calling, you’re nothing but hot air.
— Larry Chiang
Founder UCMS
Co-founder and CEO, Duck9

FasTrak in the bay area collects money fees by suspending your license.

“I would have to pay the hundreds of dollars in fines, when the tolls themselves amounted to no more than $25.”
— J.T., Cambridge, Mass.

Here are some recommended protocols #PObox5382 and #PObox26926 with associated pictures.

You might see them as a PO box. But I put a Chris Messina invented, “hashtag”. You see I am both more tech savvy and less tech savvy than YOU. I collect money better. I dodge paying junk fees, SFMTA double-billing and avoid penalties on top of late fees better than you. So click –> #PObox5382 <-.

I am filing this under ‘deep underground credit knowledge via subroutines’.

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