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Becoming Unbanked

by Larry Chiang on November 17, 2023

Happened to Roelof Botha in 2018
Today I was unbanked without notice by a large national bank after a 40+ year banking relationship that started way back when I was a freshman in college.   My family’s 7 accounts including kids’ college debit accounts, cards they use daily are terminated.
Why?  Attempting to wire funds to a #bitcoin  only company.  They said the risk to the bank is too great to have customers exposed to #crypto. I tried to explain #bitcoin  is not #crypto as if that was going to matter.  The only way I can get my money is to wait for checks to be mailed in 2 weeks or so.
#unbanked November 17, 2023!  My badge of honor.  Once I get the money, I will reveal the bank 🏦 name!  
We are just entering the now they fight you phase!!

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