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Best Credit Score “Hacking” Question of The Month

by Larry Chiang on November 22, 2015

UPDATE: See #startupFICO
December 2, 2015
By Larry Chiang

Best question of the month: How can we add a payment history on children’s credit report, after we sell them our car?

Larry Chiang (@LarryChiang)
We want to sell a vehicle to our children. How can we put their payment history on their credit report?

This is a great question and is a method similar to putting the children’s name on the family house’s utility bill.

1/We want to sell a vehicle to our children. 
2/ We want to put their payment history on their credit report?
I have figured out a way to get Experian TransUnion & Equifax to report this collateralized “loan” 
– also known as car loan trade line
– also know as selling your children your car to hack their credit score by making it higher (hacking like “legally strategically optimizing”) 
– also known as getting your children a credit score of 800
– also known as recording on-time payments. 
Please PayPal $650.oo to the PayPal account 650-283-8008. Money back guarantee if your child does not end up with a FICO over “770” within 60 days. {650.oo per child}
sell vehicle to children. I will put their payment(s), on their credit report, in their name?
A credit score over 750 is excellent.
A credit score over 750 for a child of yours is stupendously awesome.
There are 1,700 Duck9 blog articles on money, credit, FICO credit scores, credit reporting that Experian, TransUnion and Equifax do, and money.

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