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Best CS Major Springboard Skill is Hosting Parties

by Larry Chiang on November 19, 2014

Larry Chiang’s encourages college student entrepreneurs to get a FICO up over 755, so we can all self-fund. Self-funding is when you keep 100% of the equity. Later, we can get VC but venture capitalists want to see how we manage our FICO before we get their money. After a Harvard Law School keynote, Harvard Business wrote: “What They Don’t Teach You at Stanford Business School“.

At NY Fashion Week, models brushed up against me all-the-time.

By Larry Chiang

By Larry Chiang 
Hosting helps CS majors. 
This is what they don’t teach you at the Larry Chiang school of Computer Science at the University of Illinois (jk). Seriously, they teach hosting tech parties @Stanford ( and even tech conferences at Stanford Arrillaga Alumni Center!!! It was the undergrad org SSE Labs)

Larry Chiang (@LarryChiang)
One of the best springboards for your CS career to get past that pesky 155k/$160 mark…, is to host.

Do you think hosting is weird or super hard or wayyyy too time consuming??

Well I used to be an undergrad. Lol, I wasn’t always a 32 man-child. Anyway, I used to be an engineering undergrad that thought 
– hosting might lead to social embarrassment. 
– having a party might be stressful
– VIPs would never want to come
– whatevs you’re thinking bc I’m too “over my fears” to remember my old fears.
Who am I?!
I’m the guy who taught engineers how to sell using five “pop up internship”, internships and teach sales distribution so your startup gets traction. Google: pop up internship

Larry Chiang (@LarryChiang)
One of the best = HOST. Cuz u hate networking. They hate networking. All y’all hate networking

-1- Google “less than minimum viable party”

I boiled it down as a subroutine. A signature BUSINESS subroutine called “LTMVP”. It isn’t on StackOverflow GitHub, hackerNews, but it’s on the YC email. The subroutine is on twitter as a hashtag #LTMVP. And subsequently WORDPRESS.
/2/ I mean you copy-paste code. Y not copy paste THIS
An #LTMVP is 11 minutes. You attaché it to a legit party. No alcohol. Just tap water. Maybe a gallon of Peets coffee. Maybe pizza slices.
3/ what if only 10 people come?
On the Internet for archive purposes, your 11 minute 10 person party that took you 9 minutes to copy paste has more remnant career value than a google 3 hour open bar party
It’s another related subroutine #EUTWMPPM
-4- The Unintended Positive Consequences.
Old people can’t #EUTWMPPM
Old people can’t code Jave
Heck, seasoned business execs can’t HTML 1, 5 or HTML5.5
Result= Your party gets taken over
Congrats on your first M&A.
-5- All. Together. Now.
Good job google-ing #LTMVP and #EUTWMPPM. Lets apply it.
For example, pick any tech conference. Lol, everyone says “TECHCRUNCH DISRUPT”. Ok, obnoxious. Lets 11, 10, 9 #TCdisrupt. Before TC disrupt is another satellite event techcrunch also hosts called Crunchies. I’d do the afterparty. Since they sold the afterparty. I would do the after, afterparty.
Location of LTMVP is always across the street. But since techcrunch is huge, you’re gonna need to put the after, afterparty at a Starwood property. Cost = zero bc Imma supermodel there. Text me
(If you’re doing some normal show or conference like National Indoor Lighting Convention or Fine Foods festival, it’s at the Westin or Sheraton across the street from the Convention Center)
Then EUTWMPPM and pattern replicate what I do annually at SXSW
CRAVE MORE hashtags that will help you copy paste business subroutines?! I taught these at MIT as EIR
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