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Best ENGR 145 Videos (Week of July 11, 2014

by Larry Chiang on July 11, 2014

By Larry Chiang Happy summer! Hope all y’all summer quarter is great!! ENGR 145 is Technology Entrepreneurship. It’s a class Tom Byers (and Randi Komisar?) started like ten years ago. I took it summer 2010 under Tom Kosnik. I sat First Chair Entrepreneur by nerd nation-ing out and being alpha nerd in the front row. I’d raise my hand to ask questions all-the-time. I’m 6’5″ with a commensurate wingspan and my large hands are kinda noticeable. Well, it is my hobby to curate the #ENGR145 feed. I see it as a journal of what I study Re startups and entrepreneurship Lol, I won Shark Tank at SXSW for my pitching “#ENGR145” as an open source, open platform business (my pitch videos live and kinda funny) Anyway, here are the best videos of the week “Networking, Mentorship and Networking for Mentorship” on YouTube (Students I met in 2010 spoke because the back half of my keynote, I delegated to speak) Stanford BASES Summer 2014. How to Get an Internship the Entrepreneurial Way (YouTube, Cameron Teitelman and Stephanie Sy spoke) It’s the same maneuver where you ask me to speak and I delegate it to those that executed, practiced and executed the topic of what I was to pontificate on( I mean do you want to listen to me lecture for an hour??) My agenda? I wanna be at the top of the SuperModel game. No talking required. Just look pretty and pay attention when you sit front row at Tory Burch: #1 Slideshare content: What A Super Model Can Teach a Harvard MBA About Credit larry @Larry Chiang dot com text me your email or I won’t ever see it 650-283-8008

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