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Bitcoin Unleashed in Austin 3/18/22 and 322 at South by Southwest’s UnOfficial Event

by Larry Chiang on March 21, 2022

By Larry Chiang
My brain is full and my frontal lobe is about to go into extinction burst mode. 
I’m trying to say brain absorbed 11 years of bitcoin knowledge via a 2-day conference at 601 Congress on the second floor. Just like entering bitcoin, you must enter via “dirty sixth street” or enter via a Fiat Bank Entrance called Richard Fairbank’s Capital one
I’m as serious as a green candle BLOW. You must enter the building via Capital One or a door for a geek restaurant called Simi  
Err, Greek. 
Once inside here is how to know what I know after reading Bryan Bishop’s notes
Problem: Saving money right now is BROKEN. Saving up saved up wages is unrewarding 
#Bitcoin Conference

Immutable truths are discovered via Pierre Rochard and Bitstein 
Together they spoke of the prospective solutions surrounding rapid money printing and todays macroeconomic environment 
Pierre Rochard
Thank you ⁦‪@unchainedcap‬⁩ for hosting the Bitcoin Takeover at sxsw! 

⁦‪@bitstein‬⁩ and I had a great time talking about bitcoin as savings technology

3/18/22, 10:37 AM / WordPress’d from my personal iPhone, 650-283-8008, that Steve Jobs texted me on

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