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Building Off of What Exists and What You’ve Done

by Larry Chiang on January 6, 2014

By Larry Chiang There is a more genius way to approach your entrepreneurship practice. It involves leveraging what exists and leveraging off what you’ve done already My hashtag for this is #LC9090i Leveraging what exists is like a sequel. Ideally, you are doing a sequel to an entity that you did not start. Naturally, selling what already exists is best. As a team of three engineering co founders, sell something that is already launched. Then, tweak it Tweaking is engineering. Remember the definition of engineering is taking something that kinda sucks and improving it with very few resources. Engineering is similar to entrepreneurship in definition. Entrepreneurship is hammering out a real business with few or no resources after you engineered up a business model. Lever the things that you have done already with a mind for what you will do at your next three legendary summer internships.

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