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Bureau of Labor Stats + Hashtags #LTMVTA #Fox13GMM Re: Unemployment report THURSDAY + FRI

by Larry Chiang on March 25, 2014

Segment one of TWO: Knowledge activate all y’alls hashtag, “#FOX13GMM”.
/1/ Tweet, “A special guest, @LarryChiang, will return to Fox here on 13’s *Good Morning Memphis* #FOX13GMM. Ask him Q’s using ‘#FOX13GMM'”
/2/ Topic: lower Memphis unemployment rate using hashtags  #FOX13GMM and #LTMVTA = [“Less Than Minimum Viable Twitter Account”] for #Fox13GMM.
/3/ How LTMVTA works.Less Than Minimum Viable Twitter Account = #LTMVTA

How does this work?!

20 tweets. Total. They are…
16 of 20 tweets are work related
2 or 3 are personal interest like “I luv Coach Josh #MemphisTigers
1 tweet is a link to your Slideshare account.

Have a short bio/ real picture/ real name. Connected to a real first name and last name email.

Less Than Minimum Viable Twitter Account is basically a value added resume for when people google you

and a question about feeling embarrassed about only having ‘3’ followers

Remember, starting up a Twitter isn’t about your distribution at first. It is just documentation. That Documentation serves as a bio on the Internet that helps describe who we are, what we read, what we pay attention to.


/4/ What the general population thinks. What experts think. #LTMVTA
/5/ What to pay attention to. See how people use LTMVTA to “get three legendary internships in a row”. It’s how LTMVTA leads into #ENGR145. ENGR 145 is a YouTube video series that is free from Stanford University. All free on YouTube.
/6/ Housewives re entering the work force can catapult forward using “3 legendary internships in a row”. It’s in the #Fox13GMM feed right now.

Segment TWO of TWO: Knowledge activate all y’alls hashtag, “#FOX13GMM” with #ENGR145

Attn getter: a $15,000 class on Tech Entrepreneurship is free on the #Fox13GMM hashtag.
/7/ Tweet, “A special guest, @LarryChiang, will re appear on Fox Good Morning Memphis #FOX13GMM. Ask him Q’s using ‘#FOX13GMM'”
/8/ Topic: lower Memphis unemployment rate using hashtags  #FOX13GMM and #ENGR145 = [“lemonade stands + Gua Gua Guacamole”] #Fox13GMM
/9/ What in the world is Gua Gua Guacamole. It’s the simple concept of adding 30-35 genius steps. It’s working hard and smart. It’s the addition of entrepreneurship into your job search. It’s BBQ-ing bell peppers, purée-ing. Then adding it to advocado.
/10/ all the hashtags together now  #FOX13GMM and #LTMVTA for #ENGR145

Expect a downtick in BUREAU OF LABOR Stats:
On Mar 25, 2014, at 11:16 AM, Larry Chiang <> wrote:
Hi Shannon,
I’ll assemble something. Asap.
On Mar 25, 2014, at 9:25 AM, Shannon Marking <Shannon.Marking@FOXTV.COM> wrote:

Good Morning..

Thursday or Friday we are open during our 9am hour

thanks for reaching out!

Shannon Marking

Fox13 Memphis

485 S. Highland Street

Memphis, TN 38111


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