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Can Your Smart Phone Publish Content for Your Small Business?

by Larry Chiang on September 18, 2013

Small Business Owners Can Orchestrate Their Smart Phones Take High Quality Pictures and Allow You to Embed Video into Emails to Easily Generate Fresh Content

ByLarry Chiang, Yahoo Contributor Network

Making my new business shine amongst other companies in Silicon Valley is an up at dawn, daunting experience. As co-founder, I am leading a new business that competes against extremely well funded, venture capital (VC) backed startups. “Deep U Credit Knowledge 9 texts at a time” has not raised VC.

It is sometimes scary.

Here is slew of things I do with my smart phone to engineer up a tidal wave of momentum:

Publishing blog posts directly into WordPress using email
WordPress blog articles that are 12 sentences, two pictures and one focus rise pretty high in Google’s search algorithm. Blog posts reflect fresh content. After you set up a special wordpress email address, you can use your smart phone’s email to send blog posts directly.

For example, when I read a tweet that relates to “Deep Underground Credit Knowledge 9”, I email the tweet to my wordpress email along with 12 sentences of opinion. There is nothing magical about twelve sentences, it is just a minimum. The blog posts that get linked to most are where I establish
– What to pay attention to
– How things might work out
– What things mean

Uploading selfie YouTube videos
The sweet spot for YouTube videos is 0:29 to 0:40, so 29 seconds to 40 seconds. The focus is just like your blog post where you focus on one thing to educate, inform and mentor potential customers. If you are camera shy, you can take videos of notes while you speak.

For example, I did a video that helps people with their credit.

All together now.
WordPress and YouTube should be combined with these apps on your smart phone… “Facebook + Eventbrite + Plancast”. You are using Facebook not for collecting fans but for live events in the real world. The eventbrite and plancast support the same real world event where you are promoting your new small business.

For example, lets say you want to promote your small business at a lunch or an afterparty. Think sober dorky afterparty and not a crazy celebrity afterparty. You want to pre-blog your afterparty with two wordpress blog posts. I would then do a YouTube video that simply reveals afterparty basics. Bonus points if you embed the YouTube video into you Eventbrite event or/and your WordPress blog posts.

The tidal wave of momentum gets generated because all of your small social media efforts promote and link to each other. These small pieces are all generated from your smart phone in an engineered method meant to give your new small business a boost.

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