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Card Forum’s. A Look Back Year-To-Year

by Larry Chiang on April 12, 2016

By Larry Chiang
Let us look back at Credit Card Forum year to year. It’s verrrrry insightful.
Card Forum’s an annual industry conference. My method will be to use twitters new display algorithm. Twitter’s ability to take the best tweets to showcase them parallels our credit industry effort to credit underwrite, young adult thin-files.
CEO of Duck9, Larry (@6502838008)
#CardForum @AmerBanker is it in a Westin hotel!? The nice one on N Michigan Ave
Wayyyy nicer than #Austin Hyatt



Josh Kelso (@joshkelso)
Looking forward to attending the #CardForum & Expo in Boca by @payments_source and @AmerBanker next week! @Trellist…



Campbell Edlund (@EMI_mktg4Sales)
@Bitcoin founder Gallippi: 95% of $52mm annual fraud is from card-not-present transactions; bitcoin delivers money over IP safely #cardforum



First Data (@FirstData)
At 10:30am ET, Scott Sanchez will discuss mobile wallets & what they mean to financial institutions. #cardforum


Jeffrey Green (@EGridGuy)
For smart wallets, user experience with payments in background will be best for all of us, says Google’s Frank Young. #cardforum


Deborah Baxley (@debbaxley)
2016 sees convergence & critical mass of NFC, NFC, smartphones. Alternative methods predominate til then #cardforum George Peabody Mercator

Larry Chiang (@LarryChiang)
Not quite… #cfConf16
#CardForum (2029 ;-). [this tweet was 2012. 4 Card Forums ago]…
Julie Lizer (@Julie_Mintel)
Dan O’Malley of @perkstreet: banks are in a better position than Groupon to determine what consumers want #cardforum



Victoria Finkle (@VictoriaFinkle)
#CFPB asks consumer what complaint resolution should be, says CFPB’s Marla Blow #cardforum



Peri R Re (@ShesSoSocial)
RT @AllianzAssistUS: Great info this week at SourceMedia’s 24th Annual Card Forum & Expo #CardForum
MasterCard News (@MasterCardNews)
Advice from #cardforum: When it comes to EMV adoption, get involved & educated as early as possible #MasterCard



PaymentsSource (@payments_source)
#cardforum Sovereign Bank’s Eduardo Tobon: Issuance of Sphere cards is up 550% over last year as of April.


Adrea Rubin (@adrearubin)
There are 750 attendees at #CardForum #financialservices #directmarketing

2011. Miami

Nancy Crouch (@ntcrouch)
5:45a flight to Miami for #CardForum



Mintel Research News (@mintelnews)
Live from #cardforum: Can Barclaycard become an established US brand?


Larry Chiang (@LarryChiang)
The #USACreditCrunch: Credit me for the CARD act. I lobbied 4 credit card mknt curtailment since college #cardForum


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