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Congratulations on a 42nd annual Jay Westbrook Bankruptcy Conference

by Larry Chiang on November 17, 2023

How Often Did You Think About The Roman Empire at a Law Conference on Bankruptcy 
Q1: How’s America connected to the Roman Empire via the Weimar Republic 
Problem: During hyperinflation in Weimar Germany, people whom owned gold went bankrupt 3x in five years
Solution = Read “When Money Dies”
Money died during the Roman Empire 
Rome went bankrupt exactly the way fiat currency has 5-12 extinction bursts before dying in the 6,500 times it’s been tried. PQRST speed read ahead. Preview Question Read Summarize Test and front run on the 
Q2: How many USA citizens know that 100.0% of the time when treasury and Central bank merge, the citizens get screwed then screwed some more
In 🇺🇸, the central bank is the Federal Reserve 
My bankruptcy thought leadership is based on Richard’s ’Princes Of The Yen’ and Michael Maloney’s 10 Episode series on Paper Money. PQRST the content so that all y’all as bankruptcy attorneys can see the forest thru the trees hat tip Luke Grommen)
Q3 How many times do we see patterns repeat during Bk proceedings [#PRPRPI PQRST:]
Bankruptcy is not just a slow motion train wreck, it’s a painfully slow 650 train car PILE UP in technicolor
Cadaver Is Coming. 
Solution and s, SUMMARY. Study buddy with me the 650 hashtags I have on bankruptcy 
For example, #Stramgt353″ and #RMRMRE. plus Nasim Taleb’s $50,000 hashtag that he never distributed #RWRI. PQRST another 647 hashtags right here on X/Twitter



Larry Chiang, tips 650-283-8008
Vanderbilt Law Professor dropping knowledge bombs

Judge Lee getting charmed by Tom Brady {🐶}

Thank you UT Law Professor Jay Westbrook for hosting me and 1,100 lawyers. Four Seasons is such a great venue

l event

11/17/23, 5:56 AM


WordPress’d from my personal iPhone, 650-283-8008, number that Steve Jobs texted me on

Merry Christmas 

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