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Credit Score of a 28-35 Year Old = Maturity

by Larry Chiang on October 19, 2015

By Larry Chiang
I wanted to call this article, “Getting a 35 year olds FICO score while we are under 21…

Larry Chiang (@LarryChiang)
Top 7 Things That Keep Females, Under 21, From Credit Score Maturity

Here are the top 7:

#1 Thanking your parents for credit and debit card financial support. THEN AUGMENTING that. 
When parents give you a credit card and you charge but never get a bill… Say thx. But also get an additional credit card
The ‘augmentation’ is where you associate a solo credit card to your social security number. The credit card you get on your own links to and builds credit score in your social security number. 
Let me rephrase it. 
To the credit bureaus, you’re just a social security number with a stream of credit payments. Make sure your social is getting recognized. Often, the parents high FICO score drowns you out. This leads directly to my next point…
/2/ Cosigned loans. 
By definition of a “cosign”, there are two social security numbers. Co-signatured loans have watered down financial benefit for us as females under 21
Trust me, Brady the shih tzu is an expert in all things female and under 21. 
/3/ Biggest female under 21 mistake:
Females do not trust writing down their social security number on a form. And mailing it into a “Post Office Box”
Statistic: This year 200,000,000 social security numbers have been stolen on the Internet. Fewer than 10 have been stolen out of a Post Office Box. 
Let me repeat. Each social security number stolen out of a mailbox or PO Box carries with it a 3 year prison term. And that is each offense. Similarly, if you steal money with a gun or commit a white collar crime…, but I digress 
/4/ Get busy making your credit score… Not checking your credit scoreimage3.JPG
Download the Twitter app and search #RuleOf1111
Each “1” really helps your credit score. A “1” is an ontime payment. 
Each “9” decimated, reduces, hurts and brings down your FICO credit score. A ‘9’ is a credit {charge-off}. Learning charge-off avoidance. And wiring your brain to avoid chargeoffs will help you a lot. Write this down in your financial goals moleskin. “Duck charge-offs”; avoid credit code ‘9’ is a credit charge-off. Duck9

That is my real email!! is my Facebook in case you wanna hook up there. (650)283-8008 is my snapchat, “LarryChiang”
/5/ Urban myths about credit score
There are more urban myths about credit and America credit policy. I’ll guess that half of what you think you know about FICO is wrong. 
Brady is a shih tzu puppy. 
“I see credit urban myths tripping up lawyers.”
— Larry Chiang
[6a] Stanford Law keeps you from credit maturity. 
Stanford Law alumni and the Quora credit example about American Express
Yes Quora the website. Im a huge star there. Nope, I’m not the founder even though my name automatically fills on google. Stanford Law alum tried to power thru the credit system using common sense. 
mike arrington, this credit game we are playing to reach financial maturity contains very little common sense. This leads me to AG’s in my next point…
{6B} AG stands for attorney general. His proficiency of the credit rules is keeping us from financial maturity. 
Greg Abbott mistakenly cited Fair Credit Reporting Act “FCRA” as a law that got passed in 2008. It was “reauthorized in ’08. Passed in 1970. He is governor now of my Texas. Know that if an AG has trouble navigating FCRA, you as an under 21 female, do also
/7/ the (650) 283-8008 number is real. I’d use it. It will help you reach a high FICO score. 

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