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Do a Satellite Event to Someone Else’s Anchor Conference (LABCS 3320)

by Larry Chiang on October 14, 2014


By Larry Chiang

I have a Jedi in Business Administration (JBA).

Jedi’s do things that amaze. I anoint JBAs by teaching how the magic gets done. I break down the itty bitty street smart things that my mentor taught me. This live-action business case study (LABCS)  will be Anchor + Satellite Events at 2014’s SXSW. It is a tech conference in Austin Texas. Lets list this as LABCS 3320: Anchor + Satellite Event Production via the EUTWMPPM signature business recipe. Ill explain EUTWMPPM below.

The old way was do one 2-3 hour event. It’s just plain old and tired.

The old way
– gives control of the event to a non exec/ office manager type
– is easy to miss at a 3 day conference
– most often is mostly outsourced. List / door / execution
– feels super corporate and soul-less

The Anchor + Satellite event
– is headed up by an engineer, technical co-founder ceo.
– has a full array of 11 events during a 3-5 day conference stint.
– Has an anchor event that leveraged the parade already going
– let’s you execute “crasher to VIP” Gua Gua Guacamole signature move
– let’s you execute “Speak at a Conference You’re Not Invited to” Gua Gua Guacamole signature move.
– Let’s you value addedly hijack and augment OPE
– Leverages other peoples parties when you do a party within a party.

Q: Larry Chiang, I have no budget. I can’t host one event let alone 11.
Answer: Ok, start with the anchor event you produce. Use Gua Gua Guacamole signature move “Less Than Minimum Viable Party”.

Q: Hey, this stuff is genius..what if everyone did this?!
Answer: let’s worry about that bridge when we get that tool in the shed. Think about it.

Q: Did you mentor Jeremy Lin?
Answer: What all Asian people who are 6’5″ in Palo Alto all know each other?! That’s urban legend. Plus Baron Davis invited me to the Jeremy Lin Lakers Feb 10 post press conference party. Go Westwood. And Baron Davis invited me to the Kobe Bryant afterparty in NYC (plot spoiler NBA athletes that are professionals about their approach eat a special meal and nurse one drink all night)

Send more questions my way.

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