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Doing counterintuitive millionaire things

by Larry Chiang on June 8, 2024

Doing counterintuitive millionaire things at your current level of net worth.
I hate the word millionaire
The emotions attached to money. The barriers that we erect. While standing on a springboard, that’s what my 1111 articles are. And not just the spring board of of business fundamentals, these 1111 duck nine blog posts are a powdered keg to light a fire from current value to two commas. 1 million. $1,000,000
 ✅ Sell one thing to sell
Instead of scanning for the one secret, play entrepreneurship with me and do all the things I am advocating you to do
Sell that one thing on eBay and I will be your mentor. Power cord 703-0458.
Green check emoji ✅ Read five pages a day for two days.
Then text message me all 10 pages
Poor people don’t read. At this point, it’s not just read a book a month.
Fix your brain to read five pages each day for two days and to confirm that you accomplished 10 pages send two texts five pages each
✅ a paper to do list, is too low.
This is the recipe to become a millionaire.
Your phone is breaking all of your friends brain. The solution is pen to paper. The solution is a pocket notebook.
At a VIP party that I invite you to, you will bring your notebook. At the party, I will give you two fortune cookie sized messages. So basically we’re turning your notebook into a fortune cookie writing machine gun.
At first your fortune cookies will be funny. While I am excruciatingly torturing myself with the most basic business recipes, protocols, strategies, and tips… I took the time to make base and basic advice funny.
For example, fortune cookie number one
“the first person to say audiobook loses”
To wrap up number three, we take notes in our pocket notebook and then 24 hours later expandon a prior. we expand on a prior because few people can focus
✅ ✅ speaking of focus , our focus is to take you from negative eight thousand to fifteen thousand dollars to a net worth of zero dollars.
Fellow billionaires have repeatedly stated that the richest they ever felt was going from negative net worth to zero net worth
Larry Chiang, 650-283-8008
⁦‪@StanfordBSB‬⁩ ⁦‪@t_beck07‬⁩ ⁦‪@SFGiants‬⁩ This is tweeted from behind the veil of ‘secret stuff Chinese people do’

“Every math class I “aced” was aced because I took that class at home BEFORE I enrolled. You can’t just show up for #cs106a #ENGR145 and #Stramgt353. Study video…

12/5/19, 11:50 AM
WordPress’d from my personal iPhone, 650-283-8008, number that Steve Jobs texted me on

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