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Duena Blomstrom Sees a Mutiny with Her Google Glass

by Larry Chiang on March 20, 2016

By Larry Chiang

Mutiny is when the ships crew leave the captain. It happens more than you’d think in technology 

Duena Blomstrom (@DuenaBlomstrom)
The Internet on Level 4 #Money2020 is at the dismal level of @Finovate 2012 and that nearly caused a mutiny

You do not need a dashboard metric at Finovate to realize….
A countermeasure to a full mutiny = useful

Learn the deep underground business protocol “#cs183m

Larry Chiang (@LarryChiang)
When you say ‘mutiny’, I think #cs183m.

A mutiny also can take place on a team of one. For example, your credit report has blemishes so bad that you just want to never use a credit card and abandon the credit system of America. Mutiny’s happen pretty often.

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