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Easter Egg #1,111 on Duck9 Blog Post 3,400

by Larry Chiang on April 16, 2017

By Larry Chiang
Hoppy Easter!! The Easter bunny hops into our lives because Jesus needed slightly more traction, so he created a fluffy bunny.
This. Is. right. Out. Of. The. YC. Playbook. Page 75. “Without. Their. Permission”. Yes, your startup needs a fluffy mascot to gain traction.
Traction initially takes place when you’re a stanford engineering undergrad who calls customers and sales prospects on the telephone.

Tiffany Yu (@ImTiffanyYu)
What @ycombinator doesn’t tell you: if you meet with your customers, you’ll discover WHY we do we do. @ooshma of @gobbleinc #startupschool


Larry Chiang (@LarryChiang)
#startupSchool – I embedded your tweet @ImTiffanyYu Re @ooshma‘s Do Things That Don’t Scale

Larry Chiang (@LarryChiang)
See #cs183b. The @sama Stanford entrepreneurship class #cs183b (’14)Lec 5, 8, 9, (3) = traction. #dttdsBHM#CS183YC…

Utah Biz Conferences (@utbizconference)

Download twitter to search out for more Easter eggs on entrepreneurship traction. Search “larrychiang traction” in the twitter search box

If you find a bunch of entrepreneurship eggs, you parlay the Easter eggs you have found into distribution tasks you execute. Thus, you move yourself on the bell curve from left to right.  

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