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eHarmony is Spinning Out a Sequel and Doing a Launch Party in LA

by Larry Chiang on March 31, 2016

By Larry Chiang
Launch parties matter to us engineers who are in charge of revenue as Chief Revenue Officer #csMajorCRO.
This below launch is to debut, premier and grand open a product that solves problems in the workforce.
PROBLEM: doing compatibility matching for employee–> supervisor. Like a marriage relationship compatibility. The problem is supervisors and underlings are incompatible sometimes.
Problem: some employees are not engaged.

Jeremy Pepper (@jspepper)
The engaged employee base works harder, cares more, a better co. We’re about the betterment of the human race (per Dr. Warren) #ECBELaunch

Dr Warren did the compression algorithm for hooking up. Yes, like hooking up at “bootie” at DNA lounge every other Saturday, HOOKING UP!  By compression algorithm, I mean using physics like Elon Musk sees the world as sets and sets of compression algorithms. For example Einstein’s #RuleOf72. 

Back to Dr Warren and his dating launch party…

Rayanne (@Ray_anne)
Press Conference for launch of @eHarmony‘s Elevated Careers – congrats all! #ecbehlaunch

Larry Chiang (@LarryChiang)
i am using your pic with photo attribution @Ray_anne.


ECEH Launch Party. Elevated Career by eHarmony launch party. And presser. 
Photo credit Ray_anne
Calvin Lee (@mayhemstudios)


Calvin Lee and Jason Falls
Sweets by Jackie Sorkin 
Photo credit Calvin Lee (@mayhemstudios)
Calvin Lee, Keri Mellott and Jason Falls 
Photo credit Calvin Lee (@mayhemstudios)
Larry Chiang (@LarryChiang)

Crystal Miller (@TheOneCrystal)

Larry Chiang (@LarryChiang)
ideally you would brand activate the brand its the sequel to;@ElevatedCareers. Prequel = @eHarmony. So, #ECEHLaunch. cc #ECBElaunch
Need CS majors to get you distribution!?!
Yes, CS majors do do distribution. Sometimes we bring our own dog

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