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The Special Recipe and Routine of “FICO 850” Has Thirteen Specific Subroutines

by Larry Chiang on October 22, 2015

Larry Chiang became J.B.A. (Jedi in Business Administration) by teaching ‘signature business recipes’ from the book of  Mark McCormack. McCormack made fun of Harvard and Chiang ran the same play to make fun of STANFORD: “What They Don’t Teach You at Stanford Business School”. FICO scores can be hacked just like a Stanford business school class inside the Computer Science Deptartment, CS183B, can. See this special piece on mentoring CS major CRO’s (#CSmajorCRO) and other employees…

Larry Chiangby Larry Chiang

Pretty popular question = “How do I get a perfect FICO score of 850?” Well, its more mythical than a SAT score of 2400. Like a Unicorn startup with a billion dollar valuation like Duck9, a FICO of 850 exists ‘in theory’. #FICO850 exists in theory. Here are the components. I am the author. I am Larry Chiang.

So, I mentor people. Collegiate peoples.

Here are the portions of the credit subroutine: #FICO850

One mortgage. Two car loans. Exactly 3 months savings in the bank #FICO850

2 credit cards in use #FICO850

5-15 credit cards on hiatus. #FICO850

Stable address #FICO850
(NEW)Stable address with an Amex corporate card that links to employer Tax ID at employer address #FICO850
(Update: Stable address with an Amex personal card that links to your social security number and home address. #FICO850)
Stable address where Amazon ships stuff (The USPSi program ties into a dB that confirms that your email address that dovetails your real world street address #FICO850. Yup, your email address reveals that*

Solidly strong, off-credit-report, metrics #FICO850

A hundred things ruin perfect credit. #FICO850

Paying off your mortgage drops you from 850 to below 800 inside of 90 days #FICO850

Paying off a bogus collection with a paper check. #FICO850

Paying off a bogus charge-off with a paper check. And then sending paper mail to #poBox4500 #PObox1000 #PObox740256 #FICO850

people at 700 think the jump to #FICO850 doesn’t go thru #FICO748pt8. 748.6 is between 700 and 850

I recommend an Amex. You will financially benefit and so will we. I recommend an Amex. You will financially benefit and so will we.

An American Expresss card. #FICO850


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