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First NYFW Show Sans American Express and Mercedes Benz

by Larry Chiang on July 9, 2015

By Larry Chiang
While I do not do my own ‘butt work’ via the meme: #Belfie, I do have a moneymaker. This:
Valuable face.
Larry Chiang (@LarryChiang)
@IMGmodels excited for #NYFW?!
While Amex might have pulled out of New York Fashion Week (NYFW in Manhattan), I’m doling out 25,000 Westin hotel points. If you get a Westin Hotels Amex card (new to SPG only, so lol no platinum club double-dips and no Gold Club member 3-ways with St Regis and W-Hotels.) 25k points plus a first year free means about 1,050.00 in hotel room comps when you utilize them correctly. My SLS friend needed help prepping his Amex application, so there is no shame in asking for FICO mentorship.
Note: Using the points does not entitle you to have me in your Napa valley Westin room during your crash of Robert Scoble’s birthday this January (2016). Please be respectful and know I need my space so I’ll sleep down the hall. Mmmk!?
Even millionaires like Mike Arrington have credit score hurdles to get mentored over.
[Photo credit Raychel Gregg]
As a supermodel CEO who reads and taught STANFORD Engineering, technology entrepreneurship 145…,
I read the Quora TOS and found a (Larry Chiang) Mini Company Concept [#LCMCC], you can start with instant revenue that you keep 100% of!
Please upvote: What’s the deal with Larry Chiang? {thank you for the energy!!!}
Would you like to self-fund a trip to NYFW?
If you cannot fit in my laptop bag stowed away on my United Coach class, economy Plus seat, I’ve a method. Self-fund, sell fun by placing me in a modeling gig. I’ll let you keep the 18% fee plus I’ll give you the other 82%. Don’t worry. You’re not skating my supermodel agents commission. They will still get their “cut”.
For example, you place me in a legit gig. Sell me for USD $3,000 – $13,000.oo. Then walk the client thru two protocols (think of the word protocol as a signature business recipe)
See you at NYFW. 
Enjoy Goggling the “Easter eggs” I have buried to help you self fund. Btw, this is perfect for female fashion bloggers. By the way, this is great if you blog on wordpress. As a female fashion blogger, know that I got sold at San Francisco Magazine Re VIP NYFW Experience
YouTube video search: Larry Chiang Jocelyn San Francisco Magazine VIP NYFW Experience

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